Not working hard increases health risks

health risks

Marathon English word long-distance racing. Officially, the distance of this race has been determined as 42.195 kilometers or 26 miles 365 yards. Due to the lack of adequate grounds, roads are commonly used in urban life to conduct sports. Hence it is known as road race or street racing game. Marathon is also the most interesting event of the Olympic Games.

Buildings are growing in urban life. Decreasing amount of land for sports. At the same time, digital touches have been added. Daily work is being done on mobile phone or computer without going out of the office. People are not doing manual labor like before. A recent WHO report estimates that more than a quarter of the world’s population, 1.4 billion people, do no physical activity or exercise.

The situation has not improved since 2001. Health risks increase if the body does not work hard. It can cause heart disease, type-2 diabetes and various cancers. The importance of marathon running has increased due to the reduction of manual labor and the lack of adequate ground in urban life for sports. If a person runs a marathon regularly, he stays healthy both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, young people are looking for happiness through sports and digital while sitting at home. Working while sitting at work. Even after returning home, the computer is working on the mobile phone. By doing all this, the restlessness of the body has subsided. Not doing regular walks. The body is lazy, waking up late. The air of nature is not applying to the body.

There are various diseases in it. The younger generation needs to be more interested in physical exercise, especially running. Running marathons ensures such well-being of young society; It also plays an important role in keeping away from drugs.

Although marathon is not common in Bangladesh in that sense, day by day various voluntary organizations are organizing competitions. People of all ages, young and old, are taking part in it with enthusiasm. Which is a positive development in the computer age. Such an initiative to take Bangladesh forward is commendable.

Marathon has been a part of modern Olympic sports since the beginning of 1896. But it was not until 1921 that the game had a definite standard. Over time, the importance of marathon running has increased. Marathon races are now being organized every year around the world.

In Bangladesh also, different organizations are organizing competitions for marathon running at different times. Marathon is not just a race. It is one of the means of physical exercise.

The cripple hospital said. Abdus Salam said that there is no walking environment for old people in the capital now. Can’t even do yoga due to lack of field. Running marathons ensures such well-being of young society; It also plays an important role in keeping away from drugs. However, the family needs to be aware of this.

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