Easily keep lips soft even in winter

Easily keep lips soft even in winter

Lips become more rough this winter than other parts of the skin. Many people’s lips are cracked. Even if you give lip gel at this time, it doesn’t work that way. Whether it is partying or spending time with your loved ones, you have to read with discomfort with rough lips. So know the easy way to keep the lips good. Drinking enough water is good for health. Drinking water will help keep your lips soft. Many of us naturally use our tongue on rough lips.

This simple way to soften rough lips instantly is actually the root cause of chapped lips. So if you want to keep your lips soft, quit this habit. Vitamin B deficiency can cause rough lips. So eat vegetables. Vitamin B must be taken to keep the lips soft. Quit smoking to keep the lips soft. Cigarettes and caffeine make the lips black. Rough skin accumulates on the lips in winter. It is very important to remove the skin by scrubbing from time to time. So do lip scrubbing once a week to keep the lips soft.

Read more If you are very hungry, don’t forget to eat 4 foods on an empty stomach. Then know that 4 types of food should not be eaten during hunger. Never eat an apple or a banana. Instead, your hunger will increase. If you are a fruit eater then you should eat any protein type food with it. You can eat small amount of nuts, peanut butter cheese with the fruit.

2) Spicy food: It is too late to prepare lunch for any work. At this time he was very hungry, so he sat down to eat some delicious food. This will create your digestive problems. This spice will directly affect the lining of your stomach when eaten on an empty stomach. So you can eat milk or yogurt before eating salty foods. This will not have a direct effect on the stomach.

3) Orange or coffee: All these foods create acidity when eaten on an empty stomach. This creates the possibility of stomach upset. Especially for those who have gastric problems, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is extremely harmful. Vegetables are not so harmful for the stomach. So you can eat vegetable salad. Boiled pulses or chicken (less spicy) can also be eaten at this time.

4) Biscuits or chips: It may be that you eat lunch two hours later. So don’t want to eat any heavy now. But that’s not to say biscuits or chips at all! A small packet of biscuits or chips will not stay in the stomach for long. The carbohydrates in them will be digested in a short time. As a result, Your hunger will return quickly. In that case you can eat any food with Many calories. For example, a sandwich or a cake on home made.

When I am very hungry, I quench my hunger by eating whatever is in the house. Because when you are hungry, nothing is good until you eat food. So the hunger is satisfied by eating food as soon as possible. But you should not eat all kinds of food at this time, because there are some foods that can be eaten during hunger, such as to satisfy the hunger of the stomach can cause great harm to the body.

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